• Brighten Your Skin With Technology That Revealed the Mystery of the Universe
  • 1 day, 1 week, 1 month is the time is takes to beautify your skin
  • Developed by scientists and recommended by pharmacists
Brighten Your Skin With Technology That Revealed the Mystery of the Universe
The universe spreads far and wide. NASA integrates scientific technology to reveal the mysteries of the universe. And yet another technology.
“We have acquired an extremely powerful tool that can contribute to advancements in medical technology of the future.”
David Wolf (Astronaut and Developer of NASA Zero-Gravity Incubator
Before 2002, cultivating cells in a complete form outside of the body was only possible in a zero-gravity space in the universe. However, the zero-gravity incubator that was created after countless tests at the JSC (Johnson Space Center) in NASA is able to create a zero-gravity state on the earth without having to go out to space, enabling cell cultivation in an even more perfect form with less loss of effective components outside of the body.

After the zero-gravity incubator entered the “NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame” in 2011, which is the greatest honor among countless technologies owned by NASA, it became the core technology behind the birth of el:inus after receiving the exclusive rights to attach the “Space Bio Seal”, which can only be put on outstanding products that utilize NASA’s technology, through AriBio Co., Ltd. in South Korea in 2016.

el:inus, Brighten Your Skin With Technology That Revealed the Mystery of the Universe.
1 day, 1 week, 1 month is the time is takes to beautify your skin
The cell regeneration period of healthy skin is 1 month,
and el:inus’s story begins from your skin cell’s regeneration period.
A daily rise in firmness and a glow from your skin are your exclusive benefit from selecting el:inus.

One Day, One Week, One Month. Every moment that you spend with el:inus is time taken to beautify your skin. Skin is repeats the vital activity of birth, aging, disappearing, and being born again.

The skin science from el:inus comes from research and analysis on how your skin actually changes in various environment. At the end of a long stretch of research, we have revealed that Black Terapi CM and NK cell culture fluids derived from cord blood of the human body that are cultivated using NASA’s zero-gravity cultivation technology on aureobasidium pullulans extracted from wild lilies have an outstanding effect on skin brightening, wrinkle improvement, and even the growth and development of skin cells. .

However, even the greatest ingredients are futile if they cannot be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, el:inus’s exclusive, innovative cell delivery technology helps deliver effective ingredients deep into the dermis layer to fill your skin with healthy vitality from the inside out.

The advanced scientific technology used by el:inus will provide
your skin with a translucent glow and smooth elasticity that does not change with time.
Developed by scientists and recommended by pharmacists
A special encounter between el:inus and you.
Youth. el:inus was the end product of long research through experts from various fields to
secure unchanging beauty. el:inus, which is a “promise for beauty”, is recommended for you.
el:inus is a cosemceutical product that was developed through endless research on skin regeneration.

Cosmeceutical products are a concept derived from Europe, which has a long tradition of handling
cosmetics professionally at pharmacies. It is a term that combines “cosmetics” and “pharmaceutical”.

el:inus has been made even more special by adding bio-technology to European cosmeceutical products.

You can now get your hands on el:inus at pharmacies in Korea, without having to go all the way to Europe.

el:inus, the embodiment of advanced dermatological research,
has come to you have counsel by special pharmacists in order to provide your skin with the most ideal solutions.